A Nordic country is at the top when it comes to who google’s for Eurovision Song Contest the most. This is shown in a survey by Betting.se, which has examined search data from Google.

Sweden has been at the top of the Eurovision Song Contest in recent years, with two winners, Loreen in 2012 and Måns Zelmerlöw in 2015, and six more top 5 placements since 2011. This year, Loreen is also a strong favorite to win again.

The Swedish success is reflected in search interest on Google. In a survey by Betting.se, which has analyzed data from Google, Sweden has had the highest Eurovision Song Contest search interest in Europe for the past five years.

–The great local interest in Sweden is evident, and it is clear that we want to cheer on our finalist. Sweden's top placements in recent years are very impressive, says Leopold Neurath, betting expert at the Swedish site Betting.se.

In the compilation, Sweden's average for the past five years* is 95 out of 100 in search interest in the Google Trends tool. Luxembourg (90), Monaco (89), and Greece (88) follow after.

A surprise on the list is that Ireland, a country with a strong tradition of Eurovision and the most wins with a total of 7 victories, is in 36th place. Germany is the only "big five" country to make it into the top 10. Italy, another "big five" country, actually ranks second to last in the survey.

–It was surprising that Ireland, which has such a fine tradition of Eurovision, does not have higher search interest. And that Italy, which actually won in 2021, came second to last is a big surprise to me, says Leopold Neurath, betting expert at the Swedish site Betting.se.

Ranking Country Average 2018-2022*
1 Sweden 95
2 Luxembourg 90
3 Monaco 89
4 Greece 88
5 Lithuania 87
6 Slovakia 87
7 Estonia 86
8 Kosovo 85
9 Germany 85
10 Denmark* 83
11 Czech Republic 83
12 England 83
13 Netherlands 81
14 Iceland 81
15 Moldova 81


17 Switzerland 78
18 Spain 78
19 Albania 78
20 Ukraine 78
21 Belgium 77
22 Georgia 76
23 Finland 75
24 Croatia 75
25 Liechtenstein 75
26 San Marino 75
27 Slovenia 75
28 Kazakstan 74
29 Norway 74
30 Austria 74
31 Andorra 73
32 Latvia 73
33 Poland 71
34 Montenegro 70
35 Turkey 69
36 Ireland 69
37 Azerbajdzjan 67
38 North Macedonia 67
39 Serbia 65
40 Russia 65
41 Bosnia 64
42 Bulgaria 61
43 Malta 60
44 Belarus 60
45 Portugal 58
46 Hungary 52
47 Italy 48
48 Romania 43

About the survey

The values are calculated on a scale from 0-100, where Google Trends compares how many searches were made on the specific search term, compared to the total percentage of searches on Google from that county or city.

A high value does not automatically mean a higher number of searches, but that the proportion of all searches was larger.

*The period referred to is the past five years. 2020 is not included in the survey as the Eurovision Song Contest was canceled due to the pandemic. The current data is from week 17-18 in 2023.

For more information, please contact:
Andreas Norinder, PR consultant, 56K digital, [email protected]
Leopold Neurath, Product owner, Raketech, [email protected]


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