Google searches reveal that the UEFA European Championship kickoff is approaching. A study from, based on Google data, shows that the host nation and a debutant top the list of most engaged countries.

On June 14 at 21:00, the opening match of Euro 2024 will kick off. The host nation, Germany, will start the tournament with a match against Scotland at the Allianz Arena in Munich.

It is evident that engagement for the UEFA European Championship is increasing across Europe. According to recent data from Google, analyzed and compiled by, search interest is highest in the host country Germany, as well as in Georgia and Switzerland.

Seventeen of the twenty countries with the highest search interest, according to data from Google Trends, will participate in the European Championship. The other nations in the top 20 are Luxembourg, Ireland, and Norway. The lowest interest among the countries that participate in the Euros is in Turkey and Italy.

"This is the first time ever that Georgia has qualified for a major tournament, so it's no surprise that the people there are really excited about the European Championship," says Leopold Neurath, betting expert at

According to betting companies, England is the favorite to win the championship, followed by France, Germany, and Spain. If England wins, it will be their first-ever European Championship title. In the previous tournament in 2020, they lost in the final to Italy on penalties.

Country, top 40 Search interest In the EUROS?
Germany 100 Yes
Georgia 72 Yes
Switzerland 71 Yes
Luxembourg 66
Austria 63 Yes
Netherlands 61 Yes
United Kingdom 54 England and Scotland
Poland 48 Yes
Croatia 44 Yes
Belgium 44 Yes
Denmark 40 Yes
Slovenia 35 Yes
Hungary 33 Yes
Portugal 32 Yes
Ireland 31
Serbia 30 Yes
Norway 26
France 26 Yes
Romania 25 Yes
Spain 23 Yes
Bulgaria 21
Sweden 20
Vietnam 19
Greece 19
Ukraine 17 Yes
Czech Republic 17 Yes
Slovakiia 16 Yes
Finland 16
Nepal 16
Hong Kong 15
Singapore 14
Israel 14
Kenya 12
United Arab Emirates 12
Irak 11
Indonesien 11
Italy 10 Yes
Malaysia 10
Marocco 10
Turkey 9 Yes

About the Survey

Search interest is calculated on a scale from 0-100, where Google Trends compares the number of searches for a specific term to the total number of searches on Google. A high value does not automatically mean a higher number of searches but rather that the proportion of all searches was greater. The figures in the survey were the current values as of May 24 and refer to the past 90 days.

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